My name is Arto Forsblom. I’m a photographer and journalist from Finland. I currently live in the city of Lappeenranta.

This website is dedicated to my portraits. I have shooted these images either decades ago or very recently. I believe the best portraits are timeless and capture both a past and a present time.  I try to be curious and I want to think that I haven’t taken my best photo yet.

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+358 44 590 0502

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2018 Collective exhibition ”Place” with Anneli Sainio, Ari Turunen, Aino Sainio and Olli Hihnala / Art Gallery Väinölä Oulainen. The exhibition was a tribute to the historian Harri Turunen.
1998 Collective exhibition ”Time” with Anneli Sainio and Ari Turunen / Art Gallery Väinölä Oulainen.
1995 ”Pictures in four modes” / Mänttä Art Festival.
1994 Solo exhibition ”Pictures in four modes” / Art Gallery Rantagalleria Oulu.
1993 Solo exhibition ”Woman’s life” / Oulainen and Lappeenranta.
1992 Photo series ”Woman’s life” in group exhibition ”Family” / Gallery Pikisaarentie 13 Oulu. Curated by Armi Laukia.
1992 ”Hommage aux Voyeurs” / ARCO International Art Fair Madrid Spain.
1992 ”Hommage aux Voyeurs” – photography installation with Marita Liulia / Galerie Pelin Helsinki.
1991 Photo series ”Three” in group exhibition / Northern Photographic Centre Oulu.